Saturday, 1 October 2011

From Thailand

Trip not working out quite the way I'd planned - have been ill with flu like symptoms since I arrived ( does flying enhance your chances of bird flu? )
Had a few forays out, but sticking to water and bowls of soup for sustenance !

Have also got too many mosquito bites on my legs, despite using repellent.

Apart from that weather is lovely, tho still getting used to the humidity, and we're off to Angkor Wot, in Cambodia, on Monday.

Hey ho xx


Cal Walker said...

Not good. Hope the health issues improve. Looking forward to pics. Be safe....

katecol said...

Lynne did you remember to pack the Marmite for the mossie bites? It's supposed to help - only you have to eat it not rub it on! Hope things improve, lots of pictures please.