Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day 3 Luang Prabang

Hired a minibus and driver for the day and headed out of the town for the spectacular waterfalls a couple of hours away. Interesting drive through the lush countryside and small villages.

Driver told us that the area had been heavily flooded 10 days before and that the waterfall had been inaccessible.

Managed to get some good pics and met up with a couple of Autralians who were on their 5th trip to Laos - they were very good guides and knew a lot about the flora and fauna too.

At the bottom of the falls was a bear rescue sanctuary. Apparently bear spleens are much sought after in Chinese herbal medicine. The bears had a big open play area and seemed content.

We then headed back to the town, stopping off to visit a 'typical' village and take in some of the local sites before heading to a new hotel, just outside the town, which had a swimming pool.

New hotel very pleasant with bananas and papaya growing right outside our room.

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